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No Tigers On The Table

1 day ago

Stubborn Mr Chen really doesn't like people putting things on his table that don’t belong there, so uses his carpentry skills to keep them off. But can he protect it from a tiger?

The Distant Fire

When six-year-old Abel's mother falls ill, he accepts a dare to help him afford a doctor. But can he possibly survive a night up a mountain with no shirt or fire to keep him warm?

Added: 2 weeks ago

The Potion of Poetry

Great Hunter Woden, the leader of the Saxon gods, has created a potion that makes anyone a storyteller – but when the troll Stinker gets a taste, his wickedness suddenly gets a boost of brainpower...

Added: 1 month ago

The Ballad of the Little Half-Chick

The chick in this story only has half a body – but don’t feel sorry for him, 'coz he has twice the attitude. When he runs away from home, though, he ends up in hot water…

Added: 1 month ago

The Farmer and the Boggart

Farmer Rob finds all the villagers of Mumby hiding in their homes from a vicious creature. Will Grandma’s advice help him save the day, or see him end up inside the belly of a boggart?

Added: 1 month ago

Come On, Little Camel!

Young Elsie is always in trouble with her parents because she keeps getting distracted. But when she’s given the job of carrying some important gifts through the desert, those distractions lead her into real danger...

Added: 1 month ago

The Forbidden Christmas

Lola and her pet donkey Don Pedro had been chosen to lead the procession for their village. But after an argument with her mother, it looks like Lola’s Christmas will end in disaster...

Added: 1 month ago

Huff McTough

A giant hairy beast scares everyone away from his mountain home with his horrendous howling. But when he causes an avalanche, the princess in a nearby castle is spurred into action...

Added: 2 months ago

The Spider Who Wanted to Tell Stories

The African spider Anansi is keen to tell stories. To do so, he must complete three challenges from the sky god Nyambe. But how can a spider catch wasps, a snake, and a jaguar?!

Added: 2 months ago

Prince Lindworm

The queen will do anything to get a baby! But when she forgets the Magic Woman’s advice, even the queen can’t bear the thought of hugging her baby prince...

Added: 2 months ago

Pirate Grace and the Mermaid Medicine

When a nasty cough spreads quickly among a ship’s crew, pirate Grace has to trust a mermaid queen for help. But what happens when some pirates fail to follow the mermaid's instructions?

Added: 2 months ago

The REAL King of the Jungle

Whoever called the lion "king of the jungle" clearly hadn't met Tenduay the leopard. Tenduay has ten times the appetite of lion, and is causing so much devastation that the other animals are forced to agree an uncomfortable deal...

Added: 3 months ago

Fish in the Forest

The farmer’s wife just can’t stop telling everything to everyone. But if the king learns about the gold they’ve found, he’ll snatch it from them. How can the farmer help his wife keep their secret?

Added: 3 months ago

Sir Fulladred and the Dragon's Heart

Sir Fulladred wants to be strong, clever, and brave – but he’s weak, silly, and fearful. His only hope is to eat a tiny dragon’s heart, but that seems like an easy quest. Is it though?

Added: 3 months ago

Muddled Jack

Jack needs to work so he can help his mum afford their food. But although he does a brilliant job for the farmer, he gets a bit confused when bringing his wages home…

Added: 3 months ago

Merchant Ali and the 40 Brigands

A band of 40 thieving, sword-wielding brigands is attacking travellers – but Ali needs to travel for his job. When he discovers their secret hideout, though, can Ali turn the tables on those bullies?

Added: 3 months ago
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