It costs nothing to expand your mind with Epic

Scientists say that a regular dose of great storytelling helps your brain work better, and it's certainly worked for children who've enjoyed our storytelling. Parents and teachers have told us how their children got better at speaking, understanding... even maths!

And you can give it a try for free by listening to the Fables & Fairy Tales podcast every Tuesday to Thursday. You'll also find a new story video here every two weeks, including an Epic Challenge to spark your creativity – and if you send your Challenge creations to us, you might get featured on this very website or our social media!

Then, when you're ready, you can supercharge your mind by becoming an Epic Explorer, giving you all the stories on this website as books to read along on your own or with others, plus special bonus videos and chances to interact with our storytellers. Read on for more info!

Have fun, boost family time, and excel at school by being an Epic Explorer!

It's true! Scientists from the Institute of Education say a regular dose of great storytelling is linked to top test scores in school, and since 2007 we've had parents and teachers telling us that our storytelling captures the imagination of all children aged 4 to 11 regardless of ability – making it perfect for bringing families together and helping children succeed while having HUGE fun at the same time.

That's why, every month, Epic Explorers get two new stories to watch, hear, or read together at any time, plus two bonus stories to watch.

Limiting screen time? Enjoy every story as a complete audio book, or choose our printed editions to have the stories delivered through your letterbox every month!

Build critical thinking & confidence: Each story includes an Epic Challenge to spark creative young minds – and if you share your creations with us, you could get a personal message from one of our storytellers! How's that for a confidence boost?

Meet your storytellers! You'll get free invites to live storytelling events, giving you the chance to meet the Oxford Owl storyteller Chip, and Winnie the Witch's illustrator Korky Paul!

And it all costs less than adding a tin of chocolates to your monthly shop. Choose this adventure today!

Grow your expertise in the best teaching method known to science: storytelling

The Institute of Education reported in 2013 that a love of story is the top metric for ensuring a child performs well across the curriculum, and more recently (2020) researchers at Bath University found children demonstrated their best learning after a lesson using storytelling.

At Epic, we've known this even longer. Our study with EU Lifelong Learning in 2013 saw children perform an average of 25% better in tests after being taught through storytelling, compared to rote methods such as whiteboard copying and flash cards.

That's why we're passionately keen to support you in your role as an educator. You can search for a learning objective on our site and find a story to match it, along with expert teachers and storytellers providing off-the-shelf lesson ideas and resource guides.

We'll help you tell the stories too, with specific storytelling tips for each story, and a variety of methods for sharing them with your young learners – including the ability to share each story's video for them to watch for free as homework. Teachers regular say our storytelling techniques capture the imagination of all ages from 4 to 11, making them perfect for any class, and even whole school assemblies.

There's even an Epic Challenge with every story to spark the creativity of your learners – and if you send their creations to us, they could receive a personal message from an Epic storyteller! How's that for a confidence boost?

Help your children become amazing and successful human beings – join us as an Epic Educator!

Take the learning of your entire class to Epic heights!

As you use more storytelling in your classroom, you'll find your children naturally wanting to read more. One parent told us that, after just one Epic performance, her 7-year-old son put on his reading glasses by his own personal choice for the first time ever in order to find more stories the following day.

At Epic, we make that easy for you. By signing up as an Epic Class, you receive all the benefits of an Epic Educator, plus 20 paperbacks every single month containing the latest Fables & Fairy Tales for your children to read and share together.

We also promise personal responses from our storytellers to every Epic Challenge your class attempts and shares with us, furthering their enthusiasm for storytelling and learning combined.

And on top of it all, your school will have special reduced prices for bringing our storytellers to your classrooms live, either online or with a visit to your school.

Epic Class packages are a standard part of our training for schools. To sign up a single Epic Class, click the button below – but for special prices for multiple classes, or to discuss our training, click here to contact us.

Epic Adventures

Enjoy the latest story videos and challenges for free, or enjoy every story as videos, books and audio books by choosing an Epic package – and watch bonus stories too!






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