Empower your children with Epic Storytelling.

Since 2007, Epic storytellers have enthralled hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide – through regular appearances at Glastonbury Festival, representing Roald Dahl on ITV, presenting the globally-renowned Oxford Reading Tree’s Traditional Tales, and so much more.

Our carefully honed style always puts the listener first, which is just one of the reasons why educators find it a demonstrably powerful learning tool. Children from all backgrounds see vast improvements to their attainment, confidence, and well-being.

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What if, with just one method, you could help all your learners achieve more across the entire curriculum? Even those you haven't managed to fully engage – yet...

  • Build their confidence
  • Foster a long-term love of learning
  • Experience the joy of improving their lives
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Hear free stories every week with Chip & Korky's Fables & Fairy Tales podcast!

Join storyteller and author Chip Colquhoun in a fully-immersive podcast, retelling stories from throughout history and around the world to inspire the children of today. Each week, Chip and his team tell a fun, full-length tale involving magic, adventure, clever characters, and the occasional exploding troll...

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